Room Addition Ideas

Room addition ideas include master suites, mini apartments, home offices and man caves. Each can add value to properties when planned for function, comfort, efficiency and constructed to code. The following projects did just that, providing each customer with long-lasting satisfaction, whether they remain in their home longer or decide to sell. Let HomeBase Repairs be your room addition contractor.

Master Suite

A master suite was desired by parents of this Sugar Land homeowner to include a kitchenette and handicap accessible bathroom. Designing a highly functioning environment was just as important as incorporating elements that would enhance the parent's living experience. Without increasing square footage of the house, this master suite located on the 2nd floor gave them their own balcony with entrance overlooking a lovely view of the property.

A major challenge to construct a kitchenette on the 2nd floor was to install water supply lines and a drain for the sink. We would not know if that were possible until we cut into the sub-floor. Fortunately, open-structure pre-fab trusses were there instead of solid structure beams. The next challenge was to connect these lines with existing water lines of the bathroom. Again, fortune was ours when it was discovered the engineer of this house placed the supply lines close to the drain, which isn't always the case. As a result, the customer saved money and the project proceeded as desired.

Home Office Remodel

Today's home office can have most everything your corporate office had, including soundproof walls. Our Pearland customer wanted to broadcast his podcast from his home, so he hired us to remodel a front room to have solid walls with more insulation and an appealing entrance. Originally, this open-concept room had arched entrances on two walls. We framed both walls to remove the arches. French doors were installed for the entrance opening to the home's foyer. The other wall was made solid after necessary AV cables were installed and ran up into the subfloor for the customer's broadcasting technology.

Man Cave Room Addition to Home

We constructed an 18'x15' room addition to the back of our Richmond customer's house that would enclose a bedroom, bathroom and laundry room. The customers like to refer to it as "the man cave". The added section of roof ties in to the existing roof and covers a newly poured concrete patio with access from the new bedroom door. Listen to their review below and view more photos here.

Mini Apartment Adds Value to Property

This room addition idea attached to the back of our Missouri City customer's house gave their loved one her own mini apartment equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and outdoor entrance. See more details and photos here.

Mini apartment has kitchenette, bathroom and laundry hookups
Mini apartment has kitchenette, bathroom and laundry hookups

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“Manuel, thank you for the work you did on our house.  It was timely and of good quality.  You conduct your business with integrity!"
~ Eric, Sugar Land

"We had some major repair work that needed to be done on a balcony, We had trouble finding anyone who knew how to fix it properly.  But thank God for Manuel and his employees they were so knowledgeable on the techniques to properly fix the balcony. " 
~ Audie & Necie, Pasadena

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