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Screened-in Patio

Outdoor living spaces including a patio are becoming more popular, especially for we Texans who enjoy temperate weather year round. This photo shows our recent customer's patio she hired us to construct. She can now enjoy the outdoors whether raining or not. After removing the old, broken concrete patio, a new slab of 14' x 25' was poured. A patio wall with screened door enclosed about 12' from the house was constructed. Let us know how we can assist you with your next project.

Screened-in porch atop newly poured slab, with screen door gives protected view of backyard

Home Had Unlevel Balcony Floor

This beautiful home in Pasadena showed moisture and wood rot underneath the balcony and at the arched window above the backyard door. Once the concrete was demolished, the wood floor beneath revealed shoddy construction, moisture collection and wood rot. Extensive repairs, new construction and subsequent interior repairs were executed. The clients now enjoy their newly-constructed balcony which includes Trex flooring and black wrought iron railing.

Renovated balcony after rotted wood and wooden railing was replaced
Renovated balcony after rotted wood and wooden railing was replaced

Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen with removable grill in Missouri City, is a stylish showpiece with an easy budget. We enclosed the pre-made grill in a bar-style structure and completed it with granite counter tops. This economical concept will allow the homeowner to remove the grilling station and place it in a future home. The base was finished with stucco to match the exterior look of the house.

Simple outdoor kitchen extends living and entertaining space
Simple outdoor kitchen extends living and entertaining space

Patio Transformation

This client hired us to  replace their wooden deck with stone pavers and a pergola awning. We installed tri-color stone paver blocks over the soil. Planter boxes were incorporated with the stone pavers. A wooden pergola awning topped off the new patio providing the client with a beautiful respite overlooking their large backyard and the horse pasture next door. See and hear their video review down below.

Stone pavers and wood pergola replaced old, faded wood deck
Stone pavers and wood pergola replaced old, faded wood deck

Window Leaks Caused Interior Damage

Our customer in Bellaire experienced water leaks from 3 second floor windows, an arched window on his 1st floor and a double-fixed French door. All surrounding frames had rotted wood and needed replacing along with the expensive windows. Weather conditions had to be dry as long as the house was exposed to this degree and to match the paint for the surrounding stucco. Our team of subs performed their tasks reliably and professionally. Read our customer's satisfaction in his testimonial below the photo. Read more in our Reviews page.

Newly installed window on 2nd floor
Newly installed window on 2nd floor
Southwest Houston updated Curb Appeal to Spacious 1.5 Story House with detached Garage

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Please notice the client reviews below, and find many more satisfied customer testimonials under REVIEWS tab.

“Manuel, thank you for the work you did on our house.  It was timely and of good quality.  You conduct your business with integrity!"
~ Eric, Sugar Land

"We had some major repair work that needed to be done on a balcony, We had trouble finding anyone who knew how to fix it properly.  But thank God for Manuel and his employees they were so knowledgeable on the techniques to properly fix the balcony. " 
~ Audie & Necie, Pasadena

“HomeBase Repairs replaced the rotten wood siding on my house. They did a great job, they showed up on time, the staff was professional as were the repairs.”
~ Chuck, Simonton

"HomeBase has done work for my wife and I at our home in the Greatwood Subdivision. We were very happy with our driveway repairs and the fast service on our repairs from our A/C unit in our attic." 
~ Kenneth, Sugar Land

"Manuel came in and fixed it in a day!  Here I had been living with this for several years, and it was a complete turnaround in just one day! It is amazing to me how just one change like that can turn things around 100%."

~ Kris, Sugar Land