Custom Cabinet in Kitchen Remodel

Custom Cabinet, New Pantry & Spicerack

This Pecan Grove resident of Richmond hired HomeBase Repairs to perform their kitchen remodel, prompted by a previous water leak in the exterior wall that had been repaired. Their plan included custom-built cabinets and pantry. One of the wall cabinets serves as a pull-out spicerack, as seen in one of the photos provided here. These beautiful white, wood cabinets reach to the ceiling and provide ample storage. New granite counter-tops, hardware and stainless appliances complete the job to the client's satisfaction.

Richmond Wall cabinet serves as a pull-out spicerack
Wall cabinet serves as a pull-out spicerack
Richmond Kitchen Remodel with Custom Cabinet, New Pantry & Spicerack
Remodel with Custom Cabinet, New Pantry & Spicerack

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“Manuel, thank you for the work you did on our house.  It was timely and of good quality.  You conduct your business with integrity!"
~ Eric, Sugar Land

"We had some major repair work that needed to be done on a balcony, We had trouble finding anyone who knew how to fix it properly.  But thank God for Manuel and his employees they were so knowledgeable on the techniques to properly fix the balcony. " 
~ Audie & Necie, Pasadena

“HomeBase Repairs replaced the rotten wood siding on my house. They did a great job, they showed up on time, the staff was professional as were the repairs.”
~ Chuck, Simonton

"HomeBase has done work for my wife and I at our home in the Greatwood Subdivision. We were very happy with our driveway repairs and the fast service on our repairs from our A/C unit in our attic." 
~ Kenneth, Sugar Land

"Manuel came in and fixed it in a day!  Here I had been living with this for several years, and it was a complete turnaround in just one day! It is amazing to me how just one change like that can turn things around 100%."

~ Kris, Sugar Land