Patio Pergola

Patio Pergola of Cedar

A popular summer project is adding a pergola to give shade and define an special outdoor space. This Sugar Land client hired us to remove their previous backyard cement patio and pavers, and replace them with a new and larger concrete pad. We then constructed an overhead cedar pergola with 6 inch square posts as seen in photo. Let us know when we can do an outdoor or indoor project for you in any season.

Complete Sugar Land Patio Pergola with cedar posts
Sugar Land Patio Pergola

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"...One in particular was a dryer vent that ended in the garage instead of being vented outside.  It always seemed humid and dank in the garage and we had to leave the garage door open when doing laundry. No more struggles with the heat in the garage."

~ Kris, Sugarland

"I am so thankful for HomeBase Repairs. We had some major repair work that needed to be done on a balcony, We had trouble finding anyone who knew how to fix it properly.  But thank God for Manuel and his employees they were so knowledgeable on the techniques to properly fix the balcony. Their work ethic is awesome!" 

~ Audie & Necie, Pasadena

"HomeBase has done work for my wife and I at our home in the Greatwood Subdivision. We were very happy with our driveway repairs and the fast service on our repairs from our A/C unit in our attic."

~ Kenneth, Sugar Land

"Manuel, thank you for the work you did on our house.  It was timely and of good quality.  You conduct your business with integrity!"

~ Eric, Sugarland