About HomeBase Repairs, LLC

Don’t strike out on exterior home repair! Give us a walk around your bases in exchange for a firm price quotation.

HomeBase is Family-Owned and Operated

Think of your property as a baseball diamond surrounded by bases that touch the infield of the diamond – your property – and the outfield of the diamond – your front and back yards or landscaping. We specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. We can do your room addition – even a full scale remodel of your home. The owner, Manuel Zamora tag teams with professionals so that a competitive bid is worked out to your satisfaction. We want to be your Repair and Remodeling Contractor.

We Repair and Remodel Your Investment

Repairs can include minor plumbing, carpentry, sheetrock, floor covering, interior and exterior wall covering, painting, etc. The outfield is covered as well with landscaping, fence installation or repair, and concrete work. When remodeling and updating your diamond is the strategy, essential planning and effective communication fosters trust. Manuel does not want to guess what your signals mean, so he intends to understand your needs and desires based on your budget. Rounding the bases to the final home stretch brings us to a completed job.

Since 1994, Manuel has a proven record of hitting homeruns with your gameplan in mind.

Our Process

We’ll take the time up front to listen and understand your needs, your vision and your budget.  

Bid Phase

  • Initial conversation to discuss your goals
  • Initial face-to-face onsite meeting to evaluate conditions and define scope of the project with a free rough estimate of cost - sometimes by email
  • If our rough estimate is agreeable, a charge of $100 - $500 depending on the scope of work will include a detailed firm price quote good for 30 days. This charge will be credited towards the total if we are hired.
  • A Service Agreement will be drafted, negotiated & approved
  • Drawings and plans created; Budget is confirmed and schedule determined
  • We’ll gladly work with your Architect or Designer

Pre-construction Phase

  • Meticulous review of all drawings, design and materials
  • Ordering materials to ensure availability
  • Create Schedule and Timetable for each task
  • Submit documents for permitting if needed

Demolition Phase

  • Safeguard existing finishes
  • Install dust barriers, keep work space clean and swept, including hallways and common spaces in buildings
  • Recycle materials when possible and dispose of debris responsibly

Construction Phase

  • Craftsmanship is key, we strive for quality
  • Owner on-site, closely involved with each and every aspect
  • Experienced and flexible Sub Contractors when necessary
  • Work space kept clean and swept, aiding in a safe environment
  • Communication daily to discuss progress, monitor schedule and address any client’s questions or concerns

Punch List and Warranty Phase

  • Leave the site spotless, free of dust, debris or chemical residues
  • A punch list that lets us review and resolve any issue
  • A one-year warranty on all work

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